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Great leaders understand human behaviours of themselves and others. DISC Advanced® assessments help us achieve this.



DISC ADVANCED® psychometric assessments are world renowned for being non-judgemental, user friendly and gives users practical tools to take back into the workplace. Whether using DISC in team building, leadership development or recruitment and onboarding, they allow users and their managers to build effective working relationships.


The increased understanding of yourself and others leads to reduced conflict and improved performance. Sounds pretty good right?

A DISC ADVANCED® Leadership assessment is included at the beginning of all leadership coaching packages to determine overall strengths + challenge areas.


Individual assessments can be purchased on their own, or as part of a workshop, and can be useful in many aspects of the workplace including: 

  • Recruitment and Onboarding

  • Team Building

  • Conflict between employees

  • Leadership Development

  • Performance Improvement

Speak to me today about the benefits of using a DISC ADVANCED® profile in your workplace. 

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